How To Extend the Life of Your Cable

After investing in high-quality cable from a leading cable distributor, the last thing you want is a major repair issue. Extend the life of your cable and reduce downtime costs with these strategies.

Properly maintained cabling and wiring should last decades. Even if you’re installing components in hazardous environments, high-quality products should offer you an extended lifetime of reliable performance.

1. Consider the Temperature Rating

Commercial cables are used in every situation from freezers to sun-soaked rooftops. While some cables can safely withstand temperature extremes, others aren’t rated for these intense environments. Consider conduit and cable options as you work with a distributor to find the appropriate option for your installation environment.

2. Select the Right Code for Your Cabling Needs

Temperature extremes aren’t the only hazardous locations you may need to run cables. Here are just a few extreme areas where you need to use a specialized cable for safe installation:

  • Vertical installation
  • Direct sunlight
  • Hazardous environments

Work with your cable supplier to find cable designed for these unique situations. From elevator shafts to outdoor environments, the wrong cable in these situations can wear out quickly and require time-consuming repairs. The right code not only shields the cabling from adverse environmental effects, but also delivers the necessary voltage or data for your application.

3. Keep Your Cables Protected Until Installation

Some distributors unwrap cables and sell them with little or no packaging. Manufacturers use specific packaging to keep your cables and wires safe. The drum diameter, material and other aspects affect the minimum bending radius.

Reputable suppliers understand packaging requirements. Even if you order cable that’s custom-cut for your project, be sure it’s delivered and stored in appropriate packaging until you’re ready to install it.

4. Design Conduit Layout Strategically

Conduit is designed to shield your cable from the elements, impacts and other hazards. Unfortunately, improperly designed conduit can damage your wiring, not protect it.

Professional conduit layouts create minimal pulling tension. If there are any bends that aren’t near the spliced ends of your cable, then you may not enjoy the expected cable lifetime. Consider redesigning conduit runs with unnecessary bends to extend the lifetime of your cable.

5. Monitor Your Cables To Make Prompt Repairs

Create a routine for inspecting your cables. You shouldn’t wait until a system is down to check these crucial components. Any cable that’s crushed, frayed or improperly secured needs to be repaired promptly.

Failure to keep up on these inspections and routine repairs can create a more costly repair project in the future. Preventative cable maintenance is a key component of an extended lifetime. If you notice any improper cable runs or securing techniques, then work with a leading cable supplier to source new components necessary to improve the design.

6. Follow Proper Installation Procedures

Cable manufacturers and suppliers understand the installation limitations of their products. Don’t attempt to use a cable in an inappropriate way, or you may not experience the long-lasting performance you deserve.

Some cable must be pulled through conduit, while other types are capable of subsea installation. Consider the gauge of wire necessary to deliver the voltage or data necessary for your project.

7. Work With a Reputable Cable Distributor

Commercial cables and wires are used in a range of industries. Search for a supplier who offers the diverse wire gauges and cable applications necessary to power these and other applications:

  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Railway
  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Local infrastructure
  • Subsea interconnections

Metro Wire & Cable delivers across the United States and offers cut-to-order cabling. Discuss the length, purpose and installation environment of your next cable project to receive reliable components to power your systems.

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