What to Expect

Personalized Onboarding & Training

Have you ever felt confused when starting a new job, as though you were in over your head? When you join our team at Metro Wire & Cable, we’ll ensure that you never have that kind of experience. Our team members undergo a personalized onboarding course that lasts for six to nine months. During this time, you’ll receive all the necessary training that you need to thrive in your new career from staff who truly care about you and want to see you succeed.

Onboarding and Training at Metro Wire
Staff Support at Metro Wire

Staff Support

Like other many businesses, our company consists of different divisions. However, what sets us apart is that, on every job and every sale, all of our divisions work together. From the front office to the warehouse; everyone pitches in to get the job done ensuring success for both Metro Wire and the hundreds of clients we assist.

Competitive Compensation

Paid Time Off

Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance

401(k) & Profit-Sharing Programs

Team Environment & Family Atmosphere

Because ours is a family-owned company, we like to foster strong relationships with our employees. Not only does a family atmosphere make Metro a place where people want to work, but it also benefits the entire team.

Team Environment at Metro Wire
Innovation at Metro Wire and Cable

Adaptive & Innovative

At Metro Wire & Cable, we understand that you may have come from a previous work environment in which your contributions were not valued, and your ideas were not listened to.

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in a situation like that. Thus, we are pleased to inform you that at Metro Wire & Cable, you will find the opposite of what you have experienced before.

We know that innovative ideas can come from anyone in the company. We value individual voices, so when you have an idea, we will listen to you.

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