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Industrial applications are vast and based on forty years of experience, we have been able to supply our customers with cost and time-saving solutions, value-added services and an extremely knowledgeable Staff. Our industrial market encompasses a wide variety of businesses. We can service your application and look forward to assisting you with your next project. Our company has the solutions to address your requirements associated with running industrial applications and processes.

Our solutions and products make it possible for your plant and business operations to continue running in the most efficient manner achievable—ensuring top performance and maximum output. We know your plants are based on automation and process control and we have worked on many projects to ensure efficiencies of scale.

We want to make sure your operations run as quickly and efficiently as possible. Below are just some of the products we can quickly and accurately supply you with for your application.

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Wire & Cable Products

  • 5/15 kV Jumper Cable
  • Bare Copper/Copperweld/Alumoweld
  • Fiber Optic Cable / OSP Cable
  • GM®/Ford®/FCA® Approved Cables
  • High Temperature Cables
  • URD Primary – Copper and Aluminum (15kV-138kV), Termination, and Splice Kits
  • Industrial Ethernet Cable
  • Interlock Armor Cable (600V-15kV) and Connectors
  • Medium Voltage Cable (2.5kV-69kV), Connectors, Terminations, and Splice Kits
  • MetroPlex® – Twisted Conductors Pulled as a Single Cable
  • Portable Cord (SJOW, SOOW, DLO, TYPE W, GGC) and Welding Cable
  • Quick Pull Cable
  • Robotic Cable (European Specifications)
  • Self-Supporting Aerial Cable – Aluminum and Copper (600V-15kV)
  • Plenum Cable
  • THHN, MTW, THW, XHHW, SIS (Switchboard Cable), XLP/USE, EPR/USE
  • Tray Cable – VNTC, XLP/PVC, FR-XLP/CPE, FR-EP/CPE, LSZH, 20-10 & 30-15 Control Cable, PLTC POS, TROS, SPOS (600V-2kV)
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable and Connectors

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We’re A Leading National Supplier of Wire And Cable Products.

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