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We’ve spent the last 40 years helping our customers design reliable solutions for the transportation industry. Our complete line of products for all transportation, airport lighting, and IMSA applications are targeted to meet your needs. We service a broad range of sectors within this industry, and our products are built to last for all of them.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their specific requirements and standards. As you know, transportation applications have to be exact. At Metro Wire & Cable, we can customize your solutions so that they are optimal for your specific usage. Easy and quick delivery coupled with our knowledgeable sales staff, will help you save time, be under budget and get the job done right.

Below is a list of our extensive inventory to meet your demands as a contractor or municipality.

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Wire & Cable Products

  • 19-1, 20-1 Solid or Stranded
  • 19-3, 20-3, 40-2, 20-6, 19-2
  • 50-1, 50-2, 50-3 Loop Lead-In Cable
  • 51-3, 51-5, 51-7 Loop Detector Cable
  • Medium Voltage Power Cable – Copper and Aluminum (2.5kV-69kV)
  • Airport Lighting Cable (600V/5kV)
  • Camera Cable
  • Direct Bury and Overhead Rated Distribution (Copper and Aluminum)
  • Fiber Optic Cable / OSP Cable
  • Paper Insulated Lead Cable (PILC)
  • Figure Eight Constructions
  • Galvanized Steel Strand (Guy or Span Wire)
  • Innerduct / Cable-In-Duct
  • Loop Sealant
  • MetroPlex® – Twisted Conductors Pulled as a Single Cable
  • Self-Supporting Aerial Cable – Copper and Aluminum (600V-15kV)

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