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As a master distributor for all utility applications, we are aligned to meet your needs; boasting a vast inventory ready to meet your needs. Our industry knowledge is vast. We have the capabilities to deliver innovative solutions that exceed your standards and the industries. We’re completely able to meet the high demand of today’s ever evolving infrastructure, and partner with many of the leading and largest US utility providers, municipalities and utility contractors.

Our product is designed to be ready for install, making your job easier. Project staging, quick storm response, and inventory management programs are just some of the ways we have grown to be a leader in this industry over the past forty years.

The energy market is ever evolving, and we are ready to assist you. Below is just a sampling of some of the products specific to you.

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Wire & Cable Products

  • 5/15kV Jumper Cable
  • AAC, ACSR, Overhead Primary
  • Bare Copper/Copperweld/Alumoweld
  • Cathodic Protection / Tracer Wire
  • Connectors
  • Direct Bury and Overhead Rated Distribution (Copper and Aluminum)
  • Medium Voltage Cable (2.5kV-69kV), Termination, and Splice Kits
  • Fiber Optic Cable / OSP Cable
  • Galvanized Steel Strand (Guy or Span Wire)
  • High Temperature Cable
  • Innerduct / Cable-In-Duct
  • Instrumentation and Control Cables
  • Interlock Armor Cable (600V-15kV) and Connectors
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable and Connectors
  • Thermocouple Cable
  • MetroPlex® – Twisted Conductors Pulled as a Single Cable
  • Optical Ground Wire (OPGW)
  • Overhead Line Wire
  • Paper Insulated Lead Cable (PILC)
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Cable
  • Tray Cable – VNTC, XLP/PVC, FR-XLP/CPE, FR-EP/CPE, LSZH, 20-10 & 30-15 Control Cable, PLTC POS, TROS, SPOS (600V-2kV)
  • Pole Line Hardware
  • Portable Cord (SJOW, SOOW, DLO, TYPE W, GGC) and Welding Cable
  • Self-Supporting Aerial Cable – Aluminum and Copper (600V-15kV)
  • THHN, MTW, THW, XHHW, SIS (Switchboard Cable), XLP/USE, EPR/USE
  • URD Primary – Copper and Aluminum (15kV-138kV), Termination, and Splice Kits

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