Our Culture

Our Values

Company Stability and Reciprocal Allegiance

In an uncertain job market, it’s quite exceptional to find a career that you love within a stable industry. Founded in 1976, Metro Wire & Cable is a longstanding corporation with over 47 years of stability. Our low employee turnover and an average tenure of about 17+ years testify to this steadiness. Our enduring success can be attributed to our distinct culture and values, which have fostered a sense of loyalty among our staff, many of whom have been with us for decades.

Metro Wire & Cable Team

Team Camaraderie

Frequent Gatherings

At Metro Wire and Cable, we believe that true teamwork emerges from regular social interactions. We create enticing opportunities for our teams to connect, fostering deep bonds and mutual understanding. Join us and enjoy our regular get-togethers designed not only to refresh and rejuvenate but also to celebrate our collective achievements and hard work.

Our Team

When you join our team at Metro Wire & Cable, you will find a cooperative environment in which everyone relies on one another and no one’s individual contribution is any more or less valuable than anyone else’s.

While industry experience is a plus, it’s not a must. Our team boasts hundreds of years of collective experience. This means you’ll have the chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable colleagues you could find in this field.

Employee Recognition

Job satisfaction often stems from being valued and praised for your accomplishments. At Metro Wire & Cable, we get it. We’ve created an environment where your hard work and dedication are not just seen but applauded. Join us, and experience a workplace that truly appreciates your contributions.

Metro Wire Employee Recognition

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