As a stocking electrical distributor, Metro Wire maintains an extensive inventory of electrical wire, cable, and electrical components.


Metro Wire’s reliable supply chain and distribution assists a variety of industries across North America.


Metro Wire partners with industry leading manufacturers for everyday and customized products to fit your needs.


Our team of trained, industry experts are here to assist you and help you gain additional industry and product knowledge.

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As one of the top electrical distributors in the country, we are proud to be able to offer positions at each of our locations. Our locations include regional distribution centers in Iowa City, Iowa, and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as our headquarters in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Each offers the same great employee benefits and excellent culture.

Industrial & OEM


“We recently completed a solar field project in Tennessee which was on an extremely “fast track” schedule. Meeting this schedule was only possible because of the professional and personal service of your organization. My Sales Consultant rendered this type of service and assistance for many years which has made my projects more enjoyable.”

Chief Estimator,
Utility Contractor

“The best part about Metro is their employees. From the person that answers the phone to the people working in the warehouse, you are always helpful and friendly. The sales consultants I have worked with have been extremely knowledgeable, and their quick response to my needs makes my job easier.”

Purchasing Agent,
Electrical Contractor

“Thanks for your help with the fire alarm cable. Your price and delivery schedule allowed us to secure a job at a site we were trying to get into.”

Purchasing Manager,
IMSA & Airport Lighting Contractor

“Metro has exceeded our expectations and has done an outstanding job providing us with the latest technology and products in the wire/cable industry. We appreciate their attention to the smallest aspects of the order and options when providing us detailed information.”

Service Dispatcher,
Commercial & Industrial HVAC Services

“My sales consultant gives me everything I need the first time and saves me time when coordinating aspects of the projects I am working on. From quotes to cut sheets and delivery schedules, their attention to detail is much appreciated.”

Project Manager,
Electrical Contractor

“I would personally like to thank you and your team for your presentation on lowered price alternate cables that could potentially be used instead of the previously specified cables. Your presentation and demonstration was well thought out and after further review, most of your companies’ suggestions were adopted by our Engineering Department. Thank you for your partnership and solutions.”

Executive Vice President,
Multi-State Public Utility Provider


University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota: Made With Metro Wire

Project Profile: Metro Wire & Cable Corp. supplied medium and low-voltage cable solutions to the University of Minnesota for their new combined heat and power (CHP) plant project. The plant is designed to generate power and steam for campus distribution. The project includes a 22

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MycoWorks: Made With Metro Wire

Project Profile: Metro Wire & Cable Corp. provided low-voltage cabling solutions for the MycoWorks-Project Vidar. This luxury leather manufacturing & biotech facility in South Carolina, utilized MWC's cable solutions to install state-of-the-art manufacturing & processing technologies. Contact us today for your wire and cable solutions:   ________________________________________ We have been

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Talen PJM

Talen PJM: Made With Metro Wire

Project Profile: Metro Wire & Cable Corp. provided medium & high-voltage cable solutions for the recently completed Talen PJM Nuclear-Susquehanna Steam Electric Station. Located in Pennsylvania, Susquehanna generates enough carbon-free nuclear energy to power 2 million homes. Contact us today for your wire and cable solutions:   ________________________________________ We have

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