Industrial & OEM

Industrial and OEM applications are vast and based on forty plus years of experience, we supply our customers with high quality products such as control, power and instrumentation cable; while providing cost and time-saving solutions. Engineered to perform safely and reliably in the most demanding environments and applications, our Industrial/OEM capabilities are here to meet your mechanical and electrical needs.

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Metro Wire serves as a key partner to some of the largest public utility corporations, utility contractors, and EPC’s/EMC’s in the United States. Focused on transmission, distribution, generation, nuclear, solar, wind, and hydro power applications, Metro Wire creates unique value-added partnerships and programs to assist with providing reliable power across America.

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Low Voltage

Whatever your low voltage application, we maintain a vast stock offering in all locations for you to access quickly. From security and fire alarm system solutions, HVAC, access control, fiber optic, voice, or data, our low voltage offerings are extensive. We also specialize in custom cable configurations, dye/stripe, bundle/twisting, and on-site value-added services to make your next project more profitable through labor and cost savings.

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IMSA/DOT/Airport Lighting

Traffic signal, sensing, communication, airport lighting, and other transportation applications are just one of our specialties. We understand the importance of working with you to determine the exact applications you are working with and how those align with meeting your needs, as well as meeting State, local government, and municipality regulations.

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