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Our Values

Corporate Stability

If you are lucky enough to find a career that you love in this uncertain world, you want to be able to count on it being there for as long as you need it. Established in 1976, Metro Wire & Cable is a stable company that has been around for 40+ years. Because of this, we do not experience high employee turnover, and our average employee tenure is roughly 15 years. Our culture and values are a big part of the reason while people remain with us for decades.

Metro Wire Culture and Values

Family Mentality

Monthly Gatherings

Families grow closer when they gather together on a regular basis, and that is what we do at Metro Wire and Cable. Our monthly gatherings allow us to pause to get to know each other better, as well as taking a much needed break from the hard work and efforts by all.

Our Team

When you join our team at Metro Wire & Cable, you will find a cooperative environment in which everyone relies on one another and no one’s individual contribution is any more or less valuable than anyone else’s.

Experience in the industry is desirable but not required. Our staff has combined years of experience in the hundreds, so you will learn from co-workers who know their stuff better than almost anyone else in the industry.

Employee Recognition

It is hard to take pride in what you do if you never receive any praise for your achievements. At Metro Wire & Cable, we understand how important it is to have your hard work recognized. When you work for us, you can expect to receive acknowledgment for the hard work you put in.

Metro Wire Employee Recognition

Giving Back to the Community

We believe in sharing good fortune and prosperity with those around us who may be less fortunate. Annually, our employees select various non-profit and charitable efforts to support through financial donations and/or time to the charity. This is something that our employees enjoy, as well as assisting the communities that we call home.

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