Meet Sales Consultant Ashley Weaver

Ashley Weaver

Meet Sales Consultant Ashley Weaver

Branch Location: Iowa City, IA

Hometown: Naperville, IL

College: University of Iowa

Graduation Year: 2012

Major: Marketing

Specialized Markets: Low Voltage and Electrical Contractors

Reason Why You Like Working for MWC: Unlimited growth potential.


“Metro has a treasured employee with Ashley.  I know in the beginning I was a reluctant customer full of doubt and not wanting to stray from the comfort zone of my previous vendor but graciously & gracefully Ashley worked with me…making sure every step of the way I was happy, my issues were resolved quickly, and our company’s particular shipping and billing needs were being met.  Ashley is far best one of the best vendor reps that I have worked with and I happily receive any calls, emails, and visits from her.  Thank you for having her on your team and allowing her to do what she does BEST…make people happy!!!”

– Original Equipment Manufacturer (Des Moines, IA)

“Ashley does a great job!   She always gives me quotes right away and is very pleasant.  Ashley also make sure we get the materials we need in a timely fashion and is very knowledgeable…all qualities that are tremendously helpful.   Keep up the good work, Ashley!”

– Electrical Contractor (Iowa City, IA)

“Ashley brought a new energy and fresh perspective to our team.  She is a hard worker, extremely motivated, and set to make her mark in the industry.  She has the potential to be one of the top performers in our company.”

– Ryan Wesley, Sales Leader (Iowa City, IA)