22 for ’22: Value-Added Services You Can Count On


As we start 2022, here are 22 of the top Metro Wire and Cable Value-Added Solutions you can count on us for.  CONTACT US to learn more!


  1. Starting with our Subject Matter Expertise, we have been in business since 1976, have earned dozens of industry honors, and our average employee tenure is over 15 years.  
  2. Not only do our employees go through an extensive Training Program, we also offer it to our customers on various attributes of wire/cable/components.  
  3. We maintain an Extensive Stock of over 3,000 SKU’s in our three main distribution facilities, but also with our inventory partners.  
  4. Our stock comes from all leading wire and cable Manufacturers & Vendors, in which we have strong, long-standing relationships with.  
  5. If not in-stock, our Sourcing Specialties will work over-time until we come up with the right solution for you.  
  6. Our Team will provide accurate and timely Estimating Quotes for your next project as well as offering product substitutions to fit your every need.  
  7. Looking for a specific length?  Our warehouse can promptly and accurately Cut To Length your desired footage.  
  8. Need a lot? We can assist with Bulk Reels for long lengths and custom cable pull’s.
  9. Need a little?  We can assist with Short Lengths & Small MOQ’s. 
  10. Need a custom solution?  Our team will provide Engineering Support to create that perfect cable for you.  
  11. We don’t just specialize in wire/cable.  We also offer Custom Kitting solutions that not only include wire/cable but electrical components and pole-line hardware.  
  12. Our In-House Dye and Stripe services make cable identification quick and easy on job sites.  
  13. When quick delivery matters, our Local Delivery Fleet and National LTL/TL services get the product to you promptly, safely and accurately.  
  14. It’s not just about getting it shipped.  Our In-House Expediting services will keep you informed on every mile.    
  15. We know everything always doesn’t go as planned.  24/7/365 Emergency Response offered to assist you, day and night.  
  16. Need help with cable identification?  Our Cable Audits can assist you with knowing what product you have & how much you have.
  17. If you use the same item repeatedly, our Blanket/Consignment Inventory offerings will take the guesswork out of re-order points and stock replenishment.  
  18. Job-Site’s can present storage and handling headaches.  Our Just-In-Time Delivery and Project Staging services saves the space, resources and security of these valuable resources.  
  19. Custom Reel Tagging and Identification goes a long way when a product arrives on-site and ready for install.  
  20. Our UL ® Listing makes certifications and validations possible for OEM solutions.  
  21. The Industries We Serve are expansive.  From Utility, Industrial, HVAC, Sound/Security/Fire, Traffic Signal, OEM, etc…if it conducts electricity; WE CAN HELP!
  22. And last, but certainly not least, our Fun, Friendly and Easy To Do Business mindset makes working with us a partnership.  

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